The project 'Serendipity on Demand' explores understanding of serendipity in the age of the internet. It is an enquiry into the tensions between control, freedom, chance, choice, information discovery, syntax and the notion of serendipity itself. The word ‘serendipity’ has origins in classical literature as well as more modern versions where it is found in the explanations of knowledge acquisition. It is a dynamic social process that is impossible to condense into immovable computer code and critically requires lateral connections in order to convert a moment of mere surprise into something meaningful. As processes of combining ideas are becoming increasingly automated, questions around the relationship between such processes, and subjective, personal expression are more timely than ever.

Is the contemporary world commodifying serendipity?

'Serendipity on Demand' is a multi-modal exploration of experiences and perceptions of serendipity that reimagines the visual poetics of human-technology interaction.


Graduation project
MA Visual Communication
University for the Creative Arts, UK 2018



Exploring contemporary urban ecosystem via 'The Waste Land' by T.S.Eliot in Margate, Kent, UK. 

(Images shot and digitally manipulated)

The aim of this research is to explore The Waste Land’s symbolic and metaphorical commentary on human existence within the context of the many layers of hope and urban transformation in the ecosystem of Margate through the visual arts as the method of inquiry.



This project aims to be an evolving visual repository to explore the aspect of revival in contemporary culture across the common threads of heritage shared by India and the UK. 

As an Indian student in the UK, I have been observing several similarities, differences and blends amongst the two communities. Technological advancement, globalisation and socio-economic shifts have created the urge to reconnect with our identities in ways that are sustainable and collaborative.

Regeneration being the key to preservation, Stories of Shared Revival is an initiative to reinterpret the familiar as well as discover the lesser-known parallels that celebrate the coming together of these two cultural epicentres of the world.